Thanks to all who have stumbled upon this blog over the years. I am truly thankful for all of your love and support.

This is a new beginning for Seraphym Handmade, and like me, it has evolved and grown from what this blog once was and sought to achieve.

So the blog will remain for now, but will no longer be updated or maintained.

see you around elsewhere,

ORGANIC FLORA - An Adults Coloring Book by Seraphym Art

So I've been a little pre-occupied lately with all this Drawing, Sewing, and Wedding planning. It's been crazy! Plus it's school holidays so I'm trying to get all the creative time I can in now before it's back to the paperwork of Doom!!! Duh Duh Duh.

If you play along on Instagram, I've been busy drawing up my new Colouring Book, Organic Flora. I'm now happy to announce that I have finished the book and it's available now on Etsy in both digital and hard copy formats :)

To celebrate the occasion, I'm giving away a digital copy over at Instagram.

Here's a sneak peek at the pages!

Grab a copy in the Etsy Art Shop Here

Hand painted Pencil Cases and Pouches using Fabric Medium

I like to think of myself as an uber organised person, when really I just love stationery, which makes you look uber organised. My love of stationery had lead to me making my own personalized, hand painted, binder folders... remember this one?

To complement my hand painted binder, I make the awesomest pencil case to go in it. The grommets (rings) make it nice and easy to clip in, as well as slide and flip over when I'm using it.

So being me, I took it a step further and got to painting some fabric. I found some Linen and Canvas fabric at my local shop as well as some Fabric Medium. 

If you haven't heard of Fabric medium before, it is a liquid you add to your regular acrylic paints which turns them into fabric paint! It's awesome to have handy if you don't do a lot of fabric painting, but you also do a bit of regular painting and have paint on hand. It's easy to set with heat (just iron) and it's completely washable. Score!

So here is the finished product and man I love them! I'm totally addicted to making them! Its one of those situations again where I want one for myself, but I'm not wasteful like that. My pencil case is perfectly fine.

I can see more pouches and casual clutch bags in my future :)

You can find these over at the Seraphym Art shop.

New Art Store on Etsy - Adult coloring pages and printable art

After slowly collecting pictures in my Art folio, then playing around with the digital scans, then using them in my art classes.... I've finally decided its time to release them into the world as coloring pages in my new Etsy Shop.

I was really surprised when one of my students asked me for more of my coloring pages because she likes to color them in with her mum in front of the TV at nights together. Plus others loved to show me how they've colored them in using the color theory I've taught them in class.

Then one of my colleagues managed to get her hands on one, blow it up to A3 and color it in.

You can also find my paintings there, available as instant downloads.

If you've been playing along over at Instagram you may have seen these....

Check back to see what they become


Modern Sorbet Quilted Throw Pillow Cover

Here's another variation of my Modern Sorbet Throw Pillow using Prima Solids and a subtly patterned white cotton.

I placed this one and the other I have made on my bed and now it makes me want two so I can put them on my bed. They're just smaller than a Euro, which is awesome because the Euro size seems way too big to use in bed.

I've used the same geometric straight line quilting again, simple because I think it looks cool and doing anything curved would distract from the curves of the drunkards path block.

Once again I've made sure the zipper can be seen! 

You can find this one in the shop here, or the pattern to make your own here

Simple and Small Abstract Paintings

I've been playing around with color lately. My Kiddos at work always leave left over paint in the palettes which is 'tainted' by other colours and simply can't use it. 

So instead of washing it down the sink, I decided to use it to create these two paintings.

What do you think?

I've hung these in my sewing room, along with some of my other artworks. The room is a work in progress and I just really want it to be a happy and creative space - ideally an organized one too, but hey, a girl can dream!

To have a better look you can see them on Instagram @seraphymhandmade or, they're over at Nuvango Store now :)

Giveaway Day! Throw Pillow Cover by Seraphym Handmade

- Giveaway Ended -

It's that time of year again over at Sew Mama Sew, It's Giveaway Day!

For those of you new to Seraphym Handmade, Welcome!

My little Blog is about my slow Handmade Life. I love Quilting, Sewing my own clothes, Painting and Photography, and this is where I share what I make.

I try to fill my life with handmade items made with love rather than mass produced 'things'. The things we make from our hands hold a greater sentimental value rather than the store bought, same goes with gifts we receive which are handmade. 

All the things I make have a purpose and aren't made for the purpose of just because or to sit somewhere and be admired on a shelf (unless its my Art, then that needs to stay put!) I don't believe that things make you happy, but making them and using them sure does!

I just try to share this with the people who visit my blog through the products I make with my store and the tutorials and patterns I share to spread the knowledge and skills to make your own.

To spread the Handmade Love, I'm giving away this Throw Pillow cover. It measures 16" x 16" and is finished with an envelope flap style backing.  The Abstract and Modern detail is machine applique and machine and hand bound.

All you have to do to enter is post a comment below explaining what you love most about handmade gifts!

Entries close Monday, the 11th of May, and I'll announce a winner shortly after!

Entries open worldwide! Just make sure you don't comment as anonymous, because I won't be able to contact you.

Talk soon