What I'm working on - WIP Craziness

Being the Crafty Craftess that I am, I'm always juggling a few projects at a time. I do this because I hate to get into an Unmotivated 'funk' when I'm only working on one project. You know, that feeling of 'I really don't feel like working on 'X' right now, or I don't like this quilts layout, I need to walk away and tackle this with fresh eyes.

Well, I think I've taken this to another level of late. Cue Show and Tell of my WIP's....If you have been following along on instagram (seraphymhandmade) you may have seen glimpses of these already, but I've added in some more sneaky peaks because you're an awesome bloggy stopper by.

A painting for those late night weekends sitting on the lounge room floor while watching the latest TV show obsession

This will one day become a pillowcase, but I spent some time sitting on the heater vent hand stitching the applique.

Drawings in my sketchbook which need to be scanned and added to the Nuvango store


Some circle square crochet blocks which will one day hopefully be a throw and a tutorial!!

Some more applique. I'm still undecided as to whether to hand applique or machine at this point. This was originally going to be a pillow, but now I'm thinking it needs to be a quilt.

A quilt for the Princess Caz shop. Currently sitting in my Craft Den ready for quilting.

Some secret crochet, and by secret I mean I can't tell you what it is as yet, since it is a gift.

Phew! There are more WIP's than I originally thought.

How many WIP's do you have currently going on??

Exciting News! Seraphym Quilts are On Etsy - Princess Caz Creations

Well, today is an exciting day for me. After nearly two years blogging, almost three quilting and a lifetime of sewing I am realizing my dream of selling what I make!

Presenting..... Princess Caz Creations!
If you have been following me for a while, you may have heard my quilty story, that Christmas where my mother-in-law likes to say "She created a monster". My Christmas present was all you need to start quilting minus the machine, complete with Elizabeth Hartman's The Practical Guide to Patchwork. I spend Boxing Day in the sun, reading the book cover to cover, and I had my first quilting project picked out!

My first quilt. Pattern from Elizabeth Hartman's A Practical Guide to Patchwork

Fast forward almost three years and countless quilts later and here I am, teamed up with said mother-in-law, Caz, opening our little Etsy Shop Princess Caz Creations. I'm the Princess, but not because I act like one! (Promise!) It's my little pet name because Mr. Seraphym like to tell the world he 'treats me like a princess' and if he is reading this, then yes you do sweety, all the time!!!

A baby/toddler Quilt by Caz

The shop will combine my Traditional/Modern style with Caz's cute as a button Applique detailed designs. How cute is the teddy!

The one below is a newie by me. The fabric is Minimalista by Art Gallery fabrics and Cloud Nine 100% GOTS Certified Organic backing and binding.

I tried a different technique with the binding on this one, opting instead to use the excess backing fabric, and then folding, mitering the corners, and machine stitching on the top. 

To keep tabs on the goings on of Princess and Caz's quilty adventures, pop by here, or to our Facebook page


I'm suffering from a 'sickness' we all know too well. That one we get when we haven't seen our sewing room or at least heard the sound of a sewing machine as nearly as much as we need to in order to stay sane. I think I've only had the time to chain piece some pre-pinned squares together. Humph! So in the little 'free time' I have at the moment, I though the best thing to do would be to swoon over some quilt inspiration.

Topo 1

I stumbled upon this artists Claire Kahn at Melbourne's AGIdeas last year. Amid all of the captivating graphic design, this artist obviously stood out for her geometric and 'quilty' looking designs. I don't know about you, but I can be a like a dog distracted by a cat running by when it comes to quilt inspiration. Imagine me, strolling through the Melbourne CBD lost in my thoughts, deciphering where I am in the cities gridded streets, am I going ..... QUILTSPIRATION! ooh what pretty geometric architecture, that would make an awesome quilt, "snap".... what was I doing again?

Topo 6

These particular artworks are 'Topographic Paper Cuts', and are layers of painted cotton rag board. Wouldn't they make an awesome modern quilt, and given the variety of colors, wouldn't date either.

Aren't they gorgeous! So, where do you find inspiration?

Nuvango Art and a Facebook page

If you're one of my Instagram followers, you may have noticed that along with all the usual craftyness I get up to that drawing and art has come sneaking in. Never Fear! I'm a sewing crafty lady at heart but boy do I love to paint and make mess (at home as well as with my students at work)

 This post is a little bit of gross self promotion, which I'm not a huge fan of, but I'm hoping you enjoy my crafty adventures enough to forgive me! I made sure there were pretty things to look at too.

Some of my paintings are available now on my new Nuvango Store as Canvases, prints, Cards, and best of all device skins!

Weee! How cool do they look! 
(I'm just a tad excited)

I've also gone ahead and started a Facebook page for all things Seraphym, simply because I find myself spending more time there than sorting through my gigantic 'unread' list on Bloglovin'. This could be because I'm a busy bee at with the ol' day job and am lacking time for a good sit back and read time... Or possibly because it's winter and there is nothing better than cuddling under a quilt while making a new quilt, or crochet/knitted this or that.

Anywhoo, if you feel the need for a little Seraphym love on your Facebook newsfeed, clicky Here and like or follow

Chevron Ombre Quilt and a Bunting

I've finally managed to get some photos of this quilt I made for my sister for her 21st birthday earlier this year. I'm glad to say she absolutely loves it, and appreciates the work that went into it, I know this because as young girls, my sister and I would spend some of our school holidays at our local quilt shop in sewing workshops. We would make Quillows, pillow cases, skirts and a range of other sewn goodies, but being a few years younger than me, her products were a bit "wonky" shall we say! We still joke about her wavy sewing lines, and the amount of times she 'broke' my sewing machine to this day.

I absolutely fell in love with the Chevron shape and love love love making HST's. The quilting is done completely by hand in a simple zigzag which mirrors the colored chevrons in a variegated embroidery floss.

I didn't follow any particular pattern for this one, I just created around 8 x 3" HST's in each color for each row, and arranged them by spreading the colors evenly avoiding too many repeats. I used 3 different prints plus the 'base' color for each row.

I also couldn't help but make her a cute Bunting for her birthday party which had temporary 'Happy Birthday' letters on each flag which came off easily after its original use and they now live above her bedroom window :)

What have you been sewing? I'd love to hear in the comments!

The Man Quilt (Bloggers Quilt Festival Entry)


It's been about a year since I have completed my man quilt, and it's found it's permanent home on the lounge room couch.

It was made for 'Mr Seraphym Handmade' who, after seeing me go a little quilting crazy (obsessed) innocently asked when I would make him a quilt. And for anyone who has made a man quilt, know it can be a bit of a challenge. So it was 'on' there an then, challenge accepted! I got right to work designing.

This quilt was my first go at paper piecing and designing my own quilt from scratch. For more insight into the process, see the original post here.

Moving house, Getting Internet and Back to Blogging

Phew! Ive had a whirl wind couple of months, with moving house and all that goes with it. I think the hardest thing (after the influx of paperwork and boring jobs) is packing up my sewing room and starting again. My new sewing room is luckily about the same size as my last, except without a robe :( so there goes all of my storage space! But that's another story for another post.

I've been hanging to sew for almost 2 months, and knitting and crochet has held me over until last night when I thought " I don't care how many boxes are piled up in this room! I'm going to sew!!!".... and off I went. My god, If there was any type of motivation to get me going to set up my new room , that was it!

So here is a (bad) photo of my the single block that I produced, Taken from Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. I need to find my camera!

After making the block I just had to jump on Illustrator and plan out my design for an entire quilt! I'm thinking a toddler or baby sized quilt for this one. Even though I've had my heart set on making an awesome block sampler quilt, I just couldn't help playing with the color and variations to create these.


I think I may go with the second of these, since it almost gives an optical illusion (tromp l'oeil) effect. I'm really drawn to optical illusions for quilt inspiration like the few below.

How cool would they look as a quilt!!!

What do you think?