A bit of Photography to celebrate Spring

While I'm totally time poor, I still find time to do things creative, otherwise I'll drive myself nuts! Being pre-Christmas, I can't show you the cool things I'm making as gifts!

In the meantime, here are some snaps I took to get me through writing and marking exams.

When you make a bag better than yours

If you've been crafting for a while, you get to that point where people notice. And then they ask you to make things that you've made for yourself, for them. And thats great, because you love making stuff, and if you are going to make something for someone (for free) you obviously love them!

So I was in this situation recently when my sister in law needed a bag for her all of her new knitting gear, so I made her a the same bag that I use for all of my knitty and crochet stuffs.

Here's my bag

So off I went, whipped it up and this is what I made....

Oh My God it's amazing I want one for myself! Were my thoughts exactly. But I already have one. and it's in good shape and it would be wasteful to make another. Waaaaaaa!

What do you do craft people when you do this? I'm off to go make dresses that are pretty to stop me making another bag.

Pattern used was Apple Cider Tote Bag by Pink Chalk Studio.
Pink chalk didn't ask me to write this post, I just like the bag.

Koalas and a New Pattern

Here is the (short) story of how my new Koala Bear Beanie Hat pattern came to be.

It's a little bit of a family tradition (well something my mother and grandmother insist on doing) to send an Australian themed gift to our international relatives when they have a baby. This time my mum turned to me to create a gift.

Well! At first she asked if I could make a quilt with a kangaroo on it, on a tight 2 week time frame and limited budget. So I was thinking "Cool, I has an idea in my head to do a simple animal silhouette quilt. The type with a plain flannel background and a patchwork animal of some sorts." I thought I could get something like that done at a stretch within the time and budget constraints. Well, here is what my mum had in mind.....

This beauty is by Quilty as Charged

That gorgeous work of art, was obviously no way near what I would get done in 2 weeks. I had a little chuckle to myself and immediately thought of this beauty which has circulated the internet.

They need to add one with a picture of me and every quilt I've ever made with the caption "what my mum thinks I whipped up this week"

Chuckles and giggles aside, we agreed that a crochet beanie would be suitable. Mum loved it (and supposedly so did the lady at the post office), I love it, lets hope mum and bub love it too!

So to celebrate the release of the new pattern, head on over to Craftsy and snap it up for $2.00 this week.

Have a lovely weekend Handmade Lovers!

Blue Checkers - A Finished Quilt.

After making this bunting....

... and this quilt....

I was still totally in love with the fabric and colors, which usually isn't the case with me. As I work on a quilt or project I get sick of looking at the same old fabric. The fabrics are 'Minimalista' by Art Gallery Fabrics in Aqua, plus a few others from my stash.

So I just had to make another quilt from it...

Totally loving the orange binding and backing, It pops so well. That fabric is 100% GOTS certified organic poplin, which is so soft and smooth. Can i also mention that I'm loving the beautiful weather we've been having lately in Melbourne, which has conveniently all falling on the weekends! Spring is here, and bring on summer!!

It measures 33" x 42" or approx. 84cm x 107cm, a crib size.

As you can see I quilted it on the diagonal, giving it another linear texture and effect to complement the squares.

You can find this one now in the Princess Caz Etsy Shop.

What do you think?

New Art in the Nuvango store and 25% off

Hello Lovelies!

I've added these new beauties to the Nuvango store. Don't forget to use SUMMER25 in the checkout for 25% your order

What I'm working on - WIP Craziness

Being the Crafty Craftess that I am, I'm always juggling a few projects at a time. I do this because I hate to get into an Unmotivated 'funk' when I'm only working on one project. You know, that feeling of 'I really don't feel like working on 'X' right now, or I don't like this quilts layout, I need to walk away and tackle this with fresh eyes.

Well, I think I've taken this to another level of late. Cue Show and Tell of my WIP's....If you have been following along on instagram (seraphymhandmade) you may have seen glimpses of these already, but I've added in some more sneaky peaks because you're an awesome bloggy stopper by.

A painting for those late night weekends sitting on the lounge room floor while watching the latest TV show obsession

This will one day become a pillowcase, but I spent some time sitting on the heater vent hand stitching the applique.

Drawings in my sketchbook which need to be scanned and added to the Nuvango store


Some circle square crochet blocks which will one day hopefully be a throw and a tutorial!!

Some more applique. I'm still undecided as to whether to hand applique or machine at this point. This was originally going to be a pillow, but now I'm thinking it needs to be a quilt.

A quilt for the Princess Caz shop. Currently sitting in my Craft Den ready for quilting.

Some secret crochet, and by secret I mean I can't tell you what it is as yet, since it is a gift.

Phew! There are more WIP's than I originally thought.

How many WIP's do you have currently going on??

Exciting News! Seraphym Quilts are On Etsy - Princess Caz Creations

Well, today is an exciting day for me. After nearly two years blogging, almost three quilting and a lifetime of sewing I am realizing my dream of selling what I make!

Presenting..... Princess Caz Creations!
If you have been following me for a while, you may have heard my quilty story, that Christmas where my mother-in-law likes to say "She created a monster". My Christmas present was all you need to start quilting minus the machine, complete with Elizabeth Hartman's The Practical Guide to Patchwork. I spend Boxing Day in the sun, reading the book cover to cover, and I had my first quilting project picked out!

My first quilt. Pattern from Elizabeth Hartman's A Practical Guide to Patchwork

Fast forward almost three years and countless quilts later and here I am, teamed up with said mother-in-law, Caz, opening our little Etsy Shop Princess Caz Creations. I'm the Princess, but not because I act like one! (Promise!) It's my little pet name because Mr. Seraphym like to tell the world he 'treats me like a princess' and if he is reading this, then yes you do sweety, all the time!!!

A baby/toddler Quilt by Caz

The shop will combine my Traditional/Modern style with Caz's cute as a button Applique detailed designs. How cute is the teddy!

The one below is a newie by me. The fabric is Minimalista by Art Gallery fabrics and Cloud Nine 100% GOTS Certified Organic backing and binding.

I tried a different technique with the binding on this one, opting instead to use the excess backing fabric, and then folding, mitering the corners, and machine stitching on the top. 

To keep tabs on the goings on of Princess and Caz's quilty adventures, pop by here, or to our Facebook page