Triangle Scarf and Pattern

So here it is, my triangle scarf! I'm really happy with the way that it turned out, I was afraid it was going to either be too small or too chunky to look the way I intended.

As far as looking for a pattern, it was a little difficult to find what I wanted. I hadn't knitted in a little while, so I didn't want anything too tricky or fancy, plus I wanted to start it NOW. Which is how I usually get when I start a new project. So, without finding what I really wanted I decided I'd just make my own.
To make your own triangle scarf, you can use my pattern, download using the link below :)

Triangle Scarf Pattern


  1. Looks great - perfect for windy Wallan.

  2. What weight/brand yarn did you use?

  3. Hi, I used some left over Lincraft brand yarn for this one. It was called Amazon and the balls were each 50g with an approximate meterage of 65m per ball. Unfortunately they don't stock this particular yarn anymore, but they often come out with something similar each year.


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